Orientation workshop for R&D projects - Part 1 - Analysis


Orientation workshop for R&D projects - Part 1 - Analysis

This workshop is dedicated to the analysis of R&D project proposals that are potentially suitablje to apply for R&D project funding
854.00 €

Analysis of R&D projects, including "challenges" in relation to achieving internationally competitive R&D projects

The main aim of the workshop is to establish creative thinking in the R&D project development team, taking into account their suggestions and ideas to substantially improve products/services/processes, or to develop new ones.


  • Short presentation of eligibility criteria for R&D projects
  • Project results – how to define a project proposal that is suitable to be submitted to a R&D call for proposals
  • Problems/challenges, addressed by the project
  • Comparison with relevant existing solutions on the market - joint overview (analysis of implemented projects or projects under implementation  CORDIS, joint comparison with relevant solutions available on the market…)

This workshop is based on two-way interaction. The development team in the company presents possible improvements of existing products/solutions and new solutions which can provide a company the possibility to achieve international innovation and competitiveness on international level.

Duration: 4 hours



  • researchers and developers,
  • marketing/sales representative with in-depth knowledge about the relevant market


  • Director
  • (Senior) Project Manager 


  • The contractor prepares a report (meeting minutes) and guidelines for the further development a a R&D project that could be eligible to be submitted to a EU call for proposals. The report contains questions and challenges for the development team that will further elaborate the project proposal and analyse the relevant market and relevant existing solutions.
  • Meeting minutes are to be sent to the client within 3 working days after the workshop.



The price includes preparation of the co nsultant(s) for the workshop, the implementation of the workshop, the preparation of the report and travel costs within a 200-km-radius from Maribor. The client can decide to opt in for more than one workshop, depending on the complexity of the project proposal and the the work flow.

Payment conditions: 50% upon contract signature and 50% after workshop delivery, within 8 days



Before the start of the activities the client has to provide a concise description of the R&D project in order to make it possible for the Tiko Pro experts to prepare for the workshop and to perform preliminary analyses of the state-of-the-art in the relevant market. In case these preliminary information is not provided prior to the workshop, is the first part of it dedicated to the short presentation of the project proposal (innovation, impacts, market potential and implementation).

The contractor has to make sure that the participants in the workshop are developers who have in-depth knowledge about the technological development in the company. In case developers cannot take part in the workshop, the worshop is not delivered on the arranged date, respctively it is re-scheduled to a later date.